Friday, November 9, 2012

Meet The Residents - 11/09/12

Barn name followed by what I called them... (Except for Cappy - he gets his own posts)
Angel - aka The Spotted Donkey, Bug, Boo

Biff - aka Sir Biffington, Bifferdoodle

 I LOVE his eye!

Bullwinkle - aka Little Dude, Big Yellow Butthead, Little Buddy

Texas Chili - aka Chiliman, Chili Mac, Big Guy

 Yes... I know the collar is wrong... I fix it...he does that... It never ends.
 Biff and Chili say "Hello" - no drama thankfully.  Biff had me boxed into a corner.  He was the only one that followed me out to the pasture. The others were napping and my picture taking disturbed them... oh the horror...

Jazzy - aka Zulu, Zazoo, God-damned-horse

Lulu - aka Tallulah, Leelu, Dammit

Chiquita - aka Meximelt, Nanners, Clicker

Piper (The new girl) - Piper Sue Poopy Doo, Princess Piper, Perdy Girl

Here ya go Ally - so you have her nose to kiss long distance...

Roger - aka Widdle Bunny, Rabbitman, Dodohead

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WishIHadAHorsey said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for the update~