Monday, October 8, 2012


In mid-August, Cedar was rescued by Christy Young and came to stay for a couple months.  Cedar was purchased from the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion.  Last Tuesday, Cedar's mom moved her to a VERY cute new barn closer to her home.

Last Saturday, Nick (aka Handsome Nick) was moved to a new pasture that is closer to his mom's home.

In September, Tallulah came to stay for a couple of months.  She is a lovely bay mare that Cathy rescued.  She will go into training in December, where she will stay for a couple months, then she will go to Portland for polo training.  I would LOVE to have her, but Cathy is being selfish!

Yesterday, Chelsea brought Biff to stay.  She hopes to buy a place with her own pasture in the Spring, at which time, Biff will go live with her.  When Biff arrived, he and Bullwinkle said hello and played kissy face.  When a still getting along, so all it good!  Pics of Biff below. (Yes - the stall door is open.  No - Biff didn't try to get out.)

At some point while I was talking to Biff's mom, Angel got kicked in the nose.  I don't know if it was Tallulah or Texas Chili, but one of them has good aim.  Angel is swollen and sore, but otherwise fine.

In other news, Mike had surgery on his knee, again, on the Friday before Labor Day (which is the first Monday in September here in the US)  The doctor found a tendon that had torn and was retracted mid-way up his thigh, shortened the interior ligament that secures the patella in place by 60%, and removed the synovium (which produces synovial fluid).  It'll grow back...  So Mike is gimping around here, going to school and doing homework, and icing his knee.  On occasion, he will get on the riding lawn mower and mow the grass.  He will also occasionally vacuum.  The rest is up to me.  yay

My daughter moved to Fort Collins.  She had a rough first couple of weeks, but is settled in and getting into a routine.  I really really really miss her.

It's been crazy busy around here with the moving of kids and horses, surgery, school, work, and work.  We've had smoke from fires both to the north and to the south of us.  Sometimes, it's very thick.  We, like a lot of the rest of the country, have been praying for rain.  I keep hoping to have a day to rest, but it's not looking like it's going to happen.  We still need to fertilize the pasture before the irrigation goes off on the 15th.

I'll get pictures of all the kids this weekend.  With hope it'll be nice.  Somehow, my luck says it's going to rain.


WishIHadAHorsey said...

Hey! Glad for the updates. I hope hubby's knee heals well and wish I had words of wisdom for your young lady in Ft. Collins. And I hope that cute nose heals quickly :).

mrscravitz said...

Sounds a lot like me, busy, busy busy!