Friday, October 12, 2012


The weather has been mild, calm, no clouds, no rain, and LOTS of haze from the fires burning elsewhere.  Today that is all supposed to change.  The clouds were moving in by 7:30 am, so I decided to put as much poo from the pile to the arena as I could before I either ran out of fuel, or it started raining.  I worked until 11:30 am. 

After that, I moved Angel to her old stall.  She now shares the dry lot, with tape separating them, with Chiquita.  I moved her because I needed to separate Tallulah from Chili and have her in a stall with easier access so I could blanket.  She hasn't fuzzed up much, plus her mom wants a blanket on her, since she is going to training in a couple months.  I know, I know, blanketing doesn't affect hair growth, but it's what her mom wants.  Plus, if I blanket now, she can put on a little more weight.

I also put the blanket on Roger, hoping to get some more weight on him before winter. One of my Facebook friends suggested I get a nibble net - a hay net with small holes. This makes the horses work longer to get fed, less waste, and she has seen her horse actually eat MORE because of it. So I'm going to order one for Roger.

Angel - Looking for cookies

Bullwinkle - really interested
 NO?  Well, I'll eat this then.
 Biff says "Hello"
 Biff - This guy is a character.  He hits the bars on his stall, I'm guessing using his teeth because I've never SEEN him do it.  He will only do it when my back it turned.  Sounds like he's ringing the dinner bell!  He has settled in and has figured out that I am the "Waitress", talking to me in the morning. 

Roger in his jammies.  "Did you say 'Cookie?'"
 Are you SURE you didn't say "cookie"?
 Jazzy - "Oh yeah, she ALWAYS has cookies!"

 Chili - "She don't got no stinking cookies"
 Chiquita - actively ignoring me

Tallulah - Looking to get back in with Chili so she can boss him around

 Is that the cutest face EVER???  I LOVE this mare. 
Enjoy your weekend and be sure to hug your horses!


WishIHadAHorsey said...

Lol! Love the comments. Everyone looks happy :)

Nikker said...

That Bullwinkle sure has a kind eye!
Everyone looks great!! (0: