Sunday, September 9, 2012

SHOW TICKET - Home at last!

Show Ticket was saved from the Enumclaw kill pen in February 2011.  For a little over a year, she has hung out and just been a horse.  No pooping out babies.  No threat of becoming a steak.  No work more strenuous than squealing at the geldings and goofing off in the pasture.

In June 2012, a trainer I know had an opening, so I called Cathy and made a recommendation.  Ticket went to training and for two and half months, went back to work.

She did well and Show Ticket's owner sent her out on trail.  Today, Rachael became Show Ticket's forever mom!  Congrats to all of you!
Show Ticket with one of her new buddies!


mrscravitz said...

I just love happy endings!

Nikker said...

I second Mrs. Cravitz's comment!!