Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Horse Keeperer

My former neighbor once asked me if I was a horse rider or a horse keeper.  I wondered for a moment on the difference.  I'm guessing that a horse keeper keeps horses, but doesn't ride, and that a horse rider does both.

I used to ride A LOT!!! I was fit.  My horse was fit.  Every weekend, I was off to a local barrel race or on a trail ride.  I paid a small fortune in entry fees and fuel, and spent hours in the saddle.  Then my horse developed gate issues.  When I started, I promised her that if it EVER got to the point that she wouldn't go in without use of a bat or whip, I would quit.  I wouldn't make her do something that she obviously didn't want to do or that would fry what was left of her tiny Appy brain.  I never wanted my horse to dislike seeing me coming at her with a halter.

So I quit barrel racing.  I still occasionally ride out, but with all the houses going in where I used to ride, I have to haul somewhere.  And I'm not comfortable hauling out somewhere and riding alone.

I would love to haul somewhere and play with cows or steers.  Not do any cutting or sorting, maybe just run roping steers back or haze for the cutters.  But I don't know anyone with cattle.

Then I started getting more rescue horses in.  Most belonged to someone else.  With them, came the chores - putting up hay, picking up manure, repairing fences, the works.  Also, came less time to ride.  As much as Mike would like to, he will never be able to ride a horse again.  So I have mostly become a horse keeperer, and I'm ok with that.

I have always said that IF I had someone to ride with and IF I had an indoor arena, I would ride more.  Maybe, maybe not.  But I have to tell you, I really enjoy this horse.

Angel says "Can we go already? Or maybe, can I have a cookie?"

Every hoof print on the ground is mirrored on my heart.

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Nikker said...

Great post!! Some days it's all you/we can do just to be a good keeper and finding the time to be a rider is quite difficult...
I feel the same way about hauling out and riding alone! Wish you were my neighbor...we could ride together. (0: