Monday, February 20, 2012

Six More Weeks of Winter

I thought they were kidding! Yesterday, I was cleaning stalls in a sweatshirt. Then we woke up to this. (Actually, Mike woke me up to this because he's really a big kid and was all excited about it snowing. Thanks Hon)

No horses? Nope, they are all in the stalls eating.

Kizzi is now as tall as Jasper. She weighes 67 pounds at eight months old.


mrscravitz said...

WOW! What a different a hill makes! We have a bit of rain this morning, not much! Of course I have been at work since 7:15 Am and since I am in the bowels of the building in a deep dark corner, with no windows, it is hard to say what it looks like outside. Guess I will venture up stairs and look out the window.

Nikker said...

Looks so peaceful at your house..
We got a fresh dumping Saturday night. My horses have started shedding....I'm ready for spring!
I hate that rodent.... (0: