Sunday, February 26, 2012

The fence is finally finished!

We fenced the front of the yard at Thanksgiving

We did it to keep our dogs in and other dogs out. But we didn't put a fence across the back beside the barn. We figured we wouldn't need it. For about a month, we didn't. The dogs were pretty good about staying in the yard.

BUT... then they found the manure pile and the waste-hay pile (you can see the piles in background) and the fun was ON!!! The big dogs ate manure, playing King of the Hill, hide and go seek, and basically had a blast! Then they would drag it into the house and they smelled.

So this weekend, Mike and I ruined their fun!


And in other news, Spring is here! The crocus are up in the front bed. It's not warm enough to open, but they will!

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