Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Evening Project

Meet "The Instigator" (Note the tarp on the bars at the top of the panel - more on that later)

"Angel" has been making "pissy face", baring teeth, charging the panel, and just generally being a bitch. Chili apparently got a belly full of her crap and set to kicking, bashing the crap out of the panel.

Meet "The Basher" (Pictured here sporting his new Miracle Collar because he was a cribbing fool after I moved him to this stall)

Below is the damage Chili the panel. (He cut up his back legs too, but mostly just took the hide off.)

The middle of the panel actually bent. Chili is rather please with himself!

Mike and I with the help of a heavy-duty strap and ratchet, tried to un-bend it. It sort of worked.

Meet "The Obnoxious One"

Remember the tarp in Angel's picture? Here it is again...

I had to put that up because once I switched Foxy and Chili, and Foxy didn't "play", Angel and Jazzy started playing the game. Jazzy's squealing (and she did a LOT of it) and kicking was annoying as well as we figured eventually she would do the same damage as Chili. So I put up the tarp.

And THIS is how I spent my evening! Sounds like LOADS of fun, doesn't it?

Twenty more minutes and I get to go feed slop to seven "starving" horses.

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Anonymous said...

Oy! I'm so glad mine don't give me that much grief!