Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life's a Beach

Mike and I spent the weekend at Lincoln City, OR to celebrate our SEVENTEENTH wedding anniversary. We took Kizzi, and Rylee to "babysit". We were there two and half days and the only pictures we took were of the dogs.

Here she was in the car. She's a good traveler!

On the beach... mostly on the beach!

Oh, and I got a good shot of our chins.

We went to Newport one day and walked down to the dock along the bay where the seals were out resting. Kizzi took one look and decided she was scared. Rylee was really interested!

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mrscravitz said...

Love the pictures, and Kizzi is so durn cute! Where did you stay at in Lincoln City? Did you see my coast blog, (just posted)...LOL We went two different weekends. :))