Friday, June 3, 2011

I REALLY need a video camera!!

There was SERIOUS horse "drama" today (more like a rodeo) and I really wished I had a camera to catch it all!

First I put Angel in arena. Then I put the halter on Bullwinkle. I dropped the tapes and let Jazzy and Kaci into the pasture with Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle darted through into the pasture that Kaci and Jazzy had just vacated, and pulled the leadrope out of my hands.

I put the tapes back up and Jazzy and Kaci went back to eating. Bullwinkle proceeded to run around like an idiot. He kept flirting over the fence with Ticket, so I thought I would stand there and be able to catch him. Ummm... NO!

Then Ticket and Lucy started bucking and farting and running around, NOT helping at all. So I went to the gate and stood there. After ten minutes or so, Bullwinkle was done running around, so I was able to catch him and take the halter off.

He trotted over to Ticket so I took the gate down, put up the tape to the arena gate, and let Angel out.

Angel and Bullwinkle have been living next to each other without drama for several weeks. They were out on pasture together just this morning. Apparently, Bullwinkle's little pea brain purged that memory, because he pinned his ears and chased Angel around. She played his little game for a few minutes, then got a belly-full of him and nailed him in the chest with both hind feet.

Bullwinkle then became the chasee, with Angel hot on his heels, back to the arena. Angel took some of the hair off his pretty yellow rump, then went back to the pasture. Bullwinkle hung out in the arena for almost an hour before getting brave enough to venture out with Angel. She gave him the snakey neck look with her ears pinned, and he meandered off to eat some grass.

The drama is over and the only injury is to Bullwinkle's ego.

I REALLY wish I had a video camera!

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