Saturday, June 4, 2011

DRAMA!! Oh wait, WHAT drama???

Ticket and Lucy are going to live together for a while. They will be in the arena and have free access (unless I lock them off) to the pasture. Although they have been living next to each other, I expected drama.

Show Ticket


This is pretty much the extent of it. The second picture was taken a split second before the squeal and strike. Then it was over.

Ticket thinks Bullwinkle is very handsome! Is this mare EVER not in heat??

A post with pictures wouldn't be complete with including a picture of "His Majesty"

Jazzy is NOT happy about being locked off the pasture!

Kaci could care less if Jazzy is locked off the pasture. He's cool with it!

In other news... remember last year when we redid the flowerbeds along the house? Here's a part of it...



After - One year later

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mrscravitz said...

Flower beds look beautiful! Show Ticket is looking gorgeous! Love your pics, and all the drama! teehee