Monday, May 30, 2011

My Love (Hate) Affair with Electric Tape Fencing


I really like the electric tape fencing, most of the time. It looks nice. It's easy to repair. It's cheap by comparison. It comes down easily. And I have only had one minor injury - a burn when Jazzy slid her leg down the tape, rather than pulling back.

If I unplug it, I can go through the fence anywhere I want, get to what ever I want, then plug it back in when I'm done. It's low maintenace and parts are cheap.

But some days, I really hate it. If it's not plugged in, SOME of the horses will get into it or go through it.

Jazzy went under the tape and ate my trees. Luckily, the trees have survived and are slowly recovering.

Yesterday, Ticket took one strand down three times in a row, striking and squealing at Lucy. Every time I put it back up, she would strike and pull it down. As soon as I said (to myself) "Oh forget it" (that's the clean version) and walked back to the barn, Ticket went back to happily eating grass and the drama was over. I gave her an hour then went back and put the fence back together.

And them there's Bullwinkle. He is convinced that the tapes are there for him to play with. He waits patiently for me to unplug the fence and get distracted, then he starts playing. One day he had it wrapped around him when I found him. I expected blood and doctoring, but no. He was just playing. He stood quietly while I unraveled him - not a mark on him. Last night, he went through the tapes and out onto the pasture - something I did NOT want him to do. And he ate my trees.

I would REALLY like to get Noble Contour Fencing, but it's cost prohibitive.

So I have decided to continue to love the electric tape fence.

p.s. - the house next door is for sale again...

Right now, she wants WAY too much for it, but she did make a comment that she would be lowering the price.

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