Sunday, March 27, 2011

What IS it about TB mares???

Since Show Ticket arrived, she has hated first Kaci, then Jazzy. At feeding time, she would kick the wall between the stalls. She would kick at the fence and pin her ears. No playing kissy face or trying to be a "bed buddy".

Since Lucy got here, she would follow Mya around, but at feeding time, Lucy was the boss. There was never any mutual grooming. It's like she barely tolerated Mya's presence.

An hour or so ago, I moved horses around. Kaci and Jazzy were moved out to the arena, and Mya and Lucy took their stalls. Lucy is now next to Show Ticket.

Now Ticket and Lucy are doing kissy-face over the gate - something that neither has done with other horses. It must be a TB Mare thing...

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kestrel said...

What has the vet said about ST's slow weight gain and about the bald patches on the other mare? Any horse that shows those kinds of symptoms needs to be gone over by a professional.