Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm still alive...really!

I have had a TON going on and just haven't had a bunch of time to post. The horses are still eating breakfast but very soon I'll be outside cleaning stalls and turning some out onto pasture. There isn't much grass out there, but it'll get the horses out so I can do some more thorough cleaning of the runs. The weather is supposed to turn sour later this afternoon or over-night, so I want to get things cleaned up. Besides, it'll give the horses a chance to run and buck and roll in the grass!

Not all of the horses are shedding, but surprisingly, Show Ticket is. The clumps of hair on her back that were falling out due to the rainrot is mostly gone, and she is shedding like crazy. She still needs a trip to the beauty parlor to get the knot out of her mane and she needs a good brushing.

She eats everything I put in front of her! She is still not back up to weight and is working on it. You can NOT convince me that her weight loss happened due to the stress of going to the auction and being moved around. It took months of neglect for her to get into this condition.

The plan had been to get her up to weight and house her with Foxy and Chili. I am rethinking that because she kicks. I don't know for certain that she would kick at them, but I don't want to take a chance. So I will have to just leave her where she it and not turn any of the other horses out with her.

Millie is doing well at the trainer's. Bullwinkle will join her later this spring. I'm not in a huge hurry to send him off because he is still growing.

I will do my best to get pictures today while I'm out working. I'm curious to see before and "in-progress" pictures of Ticket.

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