Friday, April 22, 2011

Been a while...sorry

We planted trees last weekend. They are Aussie Willows - the roots are non-invasive, the leaves are small and will blow away in the fall, they grown FAST, and they are non-toxic to the horses.

See this tree? This is what we planted.

See this tree? Me either. That's because Jazzy went under the tape and ate it!

I worked the arena last weekend. Now all I have to do is ride in it. That's Show Ticket in the background. She doesn't look too hideous, does she?

Show Ticket

"Ticket" is doing well! She started shedding immediately after arriving in early February. Her rainrot has cleared up and her hair has grown back. The vet is not concerned about her condition nor lack of "fast" regain of weight. Overall, she is pleased with her progress and said that she is fit enough to go back to work under saddle. The glossy coat and muscle tone... looks good to me!

Isn't that the sweetest face!!!


mrscravitz said...

We have LOTS of aussie WILLOWS! I lov'em cause the wind does not blow them down, and in one year they provide shade! There is ONE draw back... they shed their twigs! LOL We can get enough from our trees for a huge bonfire. BUT I LOVE MINE! AND YES! The horses and cows like them. Sissy use to keep her pasture trimmed, but Libby and Poncho either don't like them or just don't care! LOL

GreyDrakkon said...

Is the tape supposed to be electrified?

Karen V said...

Yes - its supposed to be electrified. but this was a temporary tape and I neglected to cross the main tape. AND... it was wrapped high on the post so she just walked under it. I fixed it this morning and there's enough of the trees left (she ate three) that they'll survive and grow back.

Nikker said...

I think that Ticket looks good! (0:
My old mare used to eat my moms trees and bushes at every chance she got. Mom did not find it the least bit funny, the rest of us did though! When we burried her, (the horse, not mom) we gave her her own tree! (0:
If you were closer, I'd come help you mess up your nicely worked arena! (0:

GreyDrakkon said...

Ah, I was wondering if she was just that nimble or insensitive to pain. One of the colts at the barn I go to would veeeeeeeeery carefully step over the lower ribbon, scootch forward, and scramble out when he'd get his butt zapped. Little stinker would eat some grass, then go to the gate waiting to be let back in with his buddies. >_<