Thursday, February 10, 2011

Show Ticket

Show Ticket - 1996 TB Mare - Rescued by Cathy from the kill pen in Enumclaw. Another red mare for a spunky red-head. My sister is a red-head. WTF with the red???

Anyway, I leave in the morning to pick the mare up. She's been in a boarding facility - stalled with no turn out. Who thinks THAT is a good idea? Anyway, I can just barely squeeze her in, and after all that Cathy has done for me, who am I to say "no"?

I will steal pictures Cathy put up and take some of my own this weekend. Like Foxy, she needs weight, but aside from care and feed, and treatment for rainrot, she will be fine!

So I make the run over the mountains to pick up another mare.

And here's a jab at Nikki - MY horses are shedding! The overnight low was 19 degrees, high was 47. Oh, and sunny! Enjoy the snow in northern Idaho!

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Nikker said...

Thank you Karen! (0:
I'm at Mindy's right now!! We are getting ready to load up and ride... at least I'll get a little fix!