Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have the REAL Texas Chili.  Details still coming in, along with all the juicy details.  BUT I will will post the whole story plus pictures soon.  Information I put here needs to be cleared by The Exceller Fund, who owns the horse.  (This could TOTALLY be Fugly Fodder!!!)


mrscravitz said...

You big tease! LOL

Nikker said...

Funny that I see this... I swear I saw a horse called Texas Chili for sale either on BHW or Dreamhorse...can't remember which now... Dang it! But anywhoo I thought oh, must be a different breed association, I.E. Thoroughbred vs Quarter Horse vs APHA...(know what I mean??) then Karen's horse. And NOW I can't wait for juicy details!!