Friday, June 8, 2012


Roger B Rabbit and Texas Chili went to the dentist today.

Roger - He is missing to molars on the bottom on the right.  He had a loose tooth on the bottom on the left.  Doc said the tooth was loose because it was hitting the upper molars first.  He ground the tooth  down to where it doesn't hit first anymore, so the tooth should "re-set" itself.  He will also be able to chew better and more efficiently, and maybe his topline will fill back out and he'll put on some weight.  Doc suggested that I add alfalfa pellets to his Strategy, in addition to the hay and full access pasture.  Since my friend Lacey gave me twenty bags a couple weeks ago, I have some on hand.

Sleepy boy!

Roger's front teeth... teeth of a cribber!

Chili - Getting your teeth worked on is exhausting!!

Chili's teeth were horrendous, with points and hooks.  He also had his sheath cleaned.  His owner called it "Spring Cleaning".  There was one small bean, the size of a Kidney bean, and he really wasn't all that dirty.  Doc pulled blood to do an "equine screen" to check liver and kidney function, check for infection, and test selenium levels.

Chili had issues loading.  When he first came here, he held his head low and to the left.  There were several thoughts as to why he did this.  One thought was that he had been involved in a wreck on the track, but there is no evidence of that.  Another thought is that he was tied too low and pulled back, straining something in his neck.  After today, I think it might even be possible that something happened to him in a trailer and he hit his poll on the roof of the trailer.  He bonked himself today, not bad, but perhaps that was what happened to him.

Both boys are home and tucked in for the night.  They're still a little out of it, but they gave it a good effort to eat their dinner.  I can't wait for them to feel better.


Anonymous said...

Is this really Texas Chili or is yours?

Karen V said...

VERY Interesting! I believe the one with me was ID'd by his tattoo. I however, have NOT looked at the tattoo.

The "Chili" at my house is a rescue, picked up from Avalon Mist in Yakima at the request of The Exceller Fund. If the gal in Spokane has paper in hand and a verifiable tattoo, then I would have to guess that The Exceller Fund has been scammed.

Hmmm... very interesting indeed.

Karen V said...

The investigatioin continues... There will be a new post when this is sorted out.