Sunday, March 18, 2012

Texas Chili aka Dr. Destructo

Texas Chili is a 1998 grandson of Exceller. He last raced in August 2006. During his racing career, he had 32 Starts - 9 First, 8 Seconds, and 4 Thirds for lifetimes earnings of $270,888. He a descendant of Bold Ruler and Man O War.

Sometime between August 2006 and July 2010, Texas Chili fell through the cracks, as often happens with racehorses once they are pulled from the track, either due to injury, or for failing to continue earning money. It is rumored that he went on to play polo and was successful at it. But he ended up in a field of dirt and rock before being rescued. The woman who rescued him didn't have the funds necessary to keep him, but because she cared about him, she gave him to a rescue outside of Yakima, WA called Avalon Mist.

Avalon Mist assessed him as a riding horse and due to an injury to his poll, possibly from pulling back while tied, decided that he would not be suitable to re-home as a riding horse. Debbie at Avalon also mention that she had seen him walking in the pasture and he would fall to his knees at random times. I have never witnessed this. Below is Texas Chili a few days after coming to living here. He is NOT getting scritches... he actually was out at the poll. It took about six weeks and daily stretching to resolved this.

Avalon Mist, also lacking resources to support a "pasture pet", contacted The Exceller Fund, who agreed to take the horse. Due to shipping costs, they wanted to find a safe place that provided good care close to Yakima. After making calls to contacts here on the west coast, they called me and arrangements were made to bring Chili here. His coat was burnt and course and dry. His overall weight was terribly horrible, but he still didn't look as good as we knew he could.

See how he eats stretched out? It's almost like his kidneys are bugging him or maybe he has a bean. He doesn't looked comfortable though. He is better, but that issue is still not resolved.

After a few months on pasture, quality hay, and a supplement called Necessity, the TRUE Texas Chili appeared. His coats was almost black and even when he was filthy, he looked glossy!

These pictures were taken in November 2011. A little skinny, eh?

Initially, Chili was in love with Lucy. She did NOT like him much, barely tolerating his presence. When Foxy came to live here, he dropped Lucy like a stinky terd and took up with Foxy. They have been inseparable ever since, either sharing a run, pen, and pasture, or penned next to each other.

Chili's former caretaker said he was a cribber. For most of the summer, I saw no evidence of that, perhaps because he had full access to pasture. Then the destruction started. He tore the corner feeder. LITERALLY TORE the heavy duty plastic! So I switched him to buckets, which he destroyed within a week. Only the heavy duty Rubbermade bucket has survived his attention, though I am constantly bending it back into a general bucket-shaped shape.

Then Chili and Angel spent a week arguing about something. Below is the end result. He actually BENT the metal!

This winter, he turned his attention to his heated water tubs. One morning, I found a thirsty horse standing in a muddy/mucky stall.

Apparently I am pretty slow to figure out the actual damage that a cribber can cause... Well, no, that's not right. I saw the damage, but I tried to mitigate it to prevent having to put a collar on him. Below is his opinion of having to wear one.

Texas Chili is one of the kindest, sweetest horses I have ever been around. Aside from the destruction of buckets, tubs, and stall walls, he is a joy to have around. The Exceller Fund has asked that Chili be retired permanently, so for the rest of his days, he will never be ridden. He will spend his time eating, sleeping, pooping, and wooing his red-haired girlfriend Foxy!


mrscravitz said...

WOW! What a difference in coat! He is beautiful! Maybe he needs a job to keep him occupied. Something small and light. You know, sometimes retirement does not always agree with seniors....and they keep on working. Maybe it is the same with horses. Go out in the pasture and have a conversation with him, and let him tell you what he wants to do. Oh and have Mike take Pictures! LOL Luv YA!

mrscravitz said...

Oh and just so you don't think that you are alone, I do it all the time! TEEHEE...only no one is ever around to take pictures. LOL