Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gettin' My Stink On!

That's what Mike calls it.

Just before Christmas, I won't up with a sore right shoulder. It hurt on the tendons on the front of my shoulder. i don't remember doing anything to hurt it. Nothing more that usual. It just hurt. And it hasn't gone away.

Despite have a cortisone injection into the bursa, which was definitely NOT the problem, NOTHING has helped. And of course, I haven't used ice or heat, just taken anti-inflammatories.

Friday was clean up poop day around here. After 5 hours, my shoulder was killing me. I could NOT get any relief, so I found the ice packs. I went through four and I still hurt...badly. I soaked it in the tub. Still hurt.

When I was drying off, Mike suggested a sports cream. I HATE sports creams! Then I remembered that I had bought some Thera-gesic. I'd heard about it on Paul Harvey and I thought "What the heck." I rubbed some on and smelled "minty fresh", and had the hot/cold sensation of the hated sports cream. BUT, whithin about 20 minutes, my shoulder didn't hurt. I rubbed some more on before I went to bed and wasn't awakened by my shoulder once in the night.

When I woke up this morning, I was actually laying on my "bad" shoulder and when I rolled onto my back, it hurt like the dickens! (I don't know what a "dickens" is, but it's painful) More Thera-gesic. By the time the coffe was done brewing, my shoulder felt better.

Throughout the day, before I did any "work" that would eventually cause pain, I rubbed some on and was able to get through it without feeling any pain.

I brushed manes and tails and bodies of seven horses today and four of them are sixteen hands or taller, and two of them needed blankets put on for the night. My shoulder did ache so I rubbed some on just before starting today's entry. It is already feeling better.

SO... for aches and pains, I totally recommend getting and using Thera-gesic.


mrscravitz said...

Get some SORE NO MORE! It is by Quilite and you can get it at the Basin STore in Kennewick for 13.95 a bottle! Get the GEL if they have it, if not, you can get the liquid....SUPER MAGICAL STUFF!

Karen V said...

You know... I actually have some! I should have thought about that!