Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Roger is still settling in and we are figuring each other out.

He has figured out that he has a girlfriend on either side of him and he prefers the grullo mare, Jazzy. He has figured out that I bring food every morning and every night. This morning while I was looking at the wasted hay (mostly stems) and pondering whether I should clean it up or wait until this evening, he stood with his ears pinned giving me the "stink eye" as if to say "Bring on the grub already". I decided that I would clean it up this evening. I have one other stall in the same condition, plus some alley hay to pick up. It's just going to big of a job to do in the morning.

I am figuring out that Roger picks through his hay and eats only the leaves. I am figuring out that he spreads the stems and ignores them. I am figuring out that he "sings" for his supper. If I approach without chow,he will pin his ears. I am figuring out that he doesn't potty in the stall, yet. We'll see if he continues to keep it clean.

Jazzy has also gotten picky. She normally eats every shred and crumb, because, you know, she is STARVED. I am hoping that this is temporary and due to the change in stall and the new kid next door.

Foxy was laying down sleeping flat out in the sand this morning when I went to feed. I very rarely see her even roll, and that is usually only out in the pasture. Apparently, the new sand we put in is very comfy! She is a deep, dark shiny red. If she were any darker, she would be liver chestnut. She prefers alfalfa over the Teff hay or Orchard grass hay. I usually give her a wee bit of alfalfa to make her feel special, but she won't eat any hay until she is absolutely sure I'm not going to give her the alfalfa.

Texas Chili is almost black in color. I wish he would stop cribbing and develop a topline, but since his owners want him to just be a horse and not have gadgets, he won't. He is gorgeous anyway!

Angel is still off in the hind right from her kicking contest with Jazzy. Her lower leg is still puffy, but there's no heat. The hair hasn't started growing back on her rump, so she has these lovely hoof prints still.

Ticket and Lucy are holding their weight and doing fine. Ticket wears a fly mask during the day because she is so irritated by the flies. Her rehabilitation is OVER!! I sent some pictures to her mom and when I looked at them a few days later,I thought "OMG! She pregnant!"

Lucy is irritated too, but since her mind is so fragile, there is no way I could get a fly mask on her. She has also "bloomed". Her mom comments that she looked like a quarter horse with the big ole butt.

We are now going into winter with everyone a little on the chunky side and shiny! The horses haven't started fuzzing up and putting on their winter jammies, but that is not far off. I started them on "Winter Rations" on Monday. Everyone gets one pound of Strategy Healthy Edge and one pound of oats for now. (Except for Roger - he is on a different diet) As it gets colder, the rations will increase. The first "freeze" is usually for a week in late November. This is when I start adding beet pulp.

I am hoping that I won't have to blanket anyone this winter. I am of the belief that a blanketed horse is a cold horse. If the horse is of good weight and has good winter fuzz, they don't need blanketed. Of course, there are exceptions to this. Like say, if the horse is wet to the skin from rain and it is likely to freeze over night and they have no protection from the wind or cold. Or if a horse has been ridden and is still damp from sweat. Or if I were going to ride on a regular basis. In those instances, I will blanket over night. In the morning, once the horses are dry, I will pull the blankets and let them go back to being a horse.

My former neighbor is a "blanketer". When the night time temperatures get down to 40 degrees, on go the blankets. I have seen her blanketed horses standing in the barn, their blankets wet from where the snow has melted, while my fuzzy brumbies stand out in the middle of a blizzard with snow on their backs. They are better insulated by their own fur. I know that some horses just don't grow much of a winter coat and need to be blanketed. Roger is said to be one of those. I have a heavy winter blanket that will fit him if the need arises.


Nikker said...

Everytime I read "Roger" it just makes me smile, its a great name for a horse! Hope he is a fun/funny as his name. Will be fun to see how he settles in!

Karen V said...

I KNOW!! His registered name is Roger B Rabbit, after the movie character.

I always think "PPpllllease!"