Friday, July 29, 2011

Updates - Before and After

Highfaultin Fox 10/10/10

Highfaultin Fox 7/29/11

Show Ticket 3/22/11

Show Ticket 7/29/11


Anonymous said...

They look amazing! You've done a wonderful job.

And Bullwinkle is doing good at big boy school.

I've been wondering, how's Frankie doing at big boy school?

Anonymous said...

Frankie isnt at big boy school Frankie went from being an orphan Cathy bought fron YHI to a rescue at Second Chance Ranch. Shame on you Cathy for dumping YOUR horses on a rescues feed bill.

Karen V said...

RE: Frankie. He wasn't dumped and he isn't a rescue. There is an agreement between Cathy and Katie. It's up to one of them to divulge the details - IF they so choose...

Anonymous said...

According to Katie Frankie was a rescue from YHI so I guess the VLC and Bullwinkle are rescues also? And getting details would just be another pack of lies. Cathy dumped Frankie instead of sending him to training along with a few others at SCR ...

Second Chance Ranch (Elma, WA)
in case anyone is confused... some of the conversation here dissapeared because I blocked a few people who were only here to start up drama. The truth is Frankie was truly a "rescue" by Cathy and the people she rescued from, and thier "group", are relentless in attacking her, and now me. These are the same people who have fabricated rediculous rumors about SCR, although they have never met me, visited my farm, and know nothing about how SCR operates.

Karen V said...

Frankie didn't go to training because he has a radial nerve injury, which he got from pawing in water tubs, and he keeps re-injuring it. He was lame off and on all the time while he was here for the same reason.

As far as him being a "rescue" - I don't know that story and it is my understanding that Cathy is still Frankie's owner.

Cathy didn't dump Frankie - she and Katie traded board for Frankie for free advertising on the Fugly blog. Both parties were compensated.

Cathy got VLC in exchange for money owed to her by VLC's breeder.

Bullwinkle was purchased from him breeder.

As for a horse being a "rescue"... ALL my horses are rescues (in my opinion). I RESCUED them from a life without ME!

Anonymous said...


Please ignore Mendy, Cat and all the other pinheads...they are upset that Cathy is selling her blog so trying to squeeze the last few ounces of drama out her before they actually have to confront their sad and empty lives. You know, they may actually have to get off their fat asses and go cap some t-posts or engage in real life. It scares them. I think the two mares that you have on this blog look great. You've done well with them and they look happy.