Friday, July 8, 2011

Rest In Peace Mya

About a year ago, I saw a post on a discussion board about a horse needing a new home, due to new marriage and the family moving. I responded, saying if a home couldn't be found, I could take the horse as a last resort.

In September 2010, Mike and I drove north of Spokane to pick up Mya. In e-mails, the owners had told me that she was well trained, but that she'd had colic surgery and was "delicate" and that hard work would cause her problems. I thought "As if I ride much anymore..."

Since last fall, Mya has had several mild episodes. I carefully monitored what she ate, watched her for signs of stress or pain. Every time prior, banamine was enough to calm whatever was going on and she would bounce back.

She would "sing for her supper" - nickering and chattering until I gave her hay. If I carried a bucket, the volume and intensity would increase, whether it was for her or not. She also had the annoying habit of peeing in front of the stall door right at feeding time. I would have to dodge the puddle to feed the horse on the backside of the barn.

But for the most part, she was easy. I could halter her with no problem. She stood quietly for the farrier. Deworming was a breeze.

In the past week (since Sunday), Mya has had three "episodes". Last night, the banamine didn't give her relief. Her pain was progressing and she was in obvious discomfort. We made the decision to let her go before it got any worse. She might have recovered. She might have gotten through this. But my fear was that she would progress and suffer longer than she should.

It's always sad to lose one of the herd. But I take comfort that since last fall, Mya has been loved and spoiled, and she now has pain-free peace. She has joined the rest of the herd to run green fields and drink from crystal clear streams. She will be missed.

Rest In Peace Sweet Mya!


Nikker said...

Sorry for your loss...doing the right thing is never easy.

mrscravitz said...

I am so very sorry!