Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's whole new year and things have gotten really weird around here. Perhaps I'm having a mid-life crisis...

Anyway, this time last year, Mike said that I didn't spend any quality time with him. So I put my hobbies on hold and we spent time together... watching TV and gaining weight. Now I see that 2011 finds me 25 heavier than I would like and lazy.

NO MORE! I started a diet/exercise program on January 3rd. By this morning, I have lost 8 pounds. Actually, I lost 10, but I splurged on Mexican food last night and gained 2 back.

My resolutions for myself:

I WILL RIDE MY HORSES! This includes Angel, Millie (After she goes to Tara for a tune-up), Jazzy, Mya, Kaci (if he's not rearing any more), and Bullwinkle (after he is started early summer).

I WILL SPEND QUALITY GIRL-TIME WITH MY FRIENDS! No longer will I wait until they come to a local barrel race to leave the house to go see them. I will seek them out, set up dates, and get reacquainted with my friends!

I WILL TAKE CARE OF ME! I will walk, ride, and eat healthier.

I WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY OWN HAPPINESS! I will be 44 years old this year and I AM still beautiful, strong, and sexy; and I will dress and act like it, rather than dressing like a slob because I'm not out to impress anyone. I AM out to impress someone, and they will say "WOW" when I walk into the room.

I WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT COMMENTS THAT HURT! I am NOT a "doughy bride". I am NOT puffy. I am NOT old. "Granny" does NOT describe me.

MY AGE WILL NOT DICTATE HOW I BEHAVE! I will act how I feel. I am young and beautiful and if you have a problem with that, TOUGH!

I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY IN ALL THINGS IN MY LIFE! I have come to the conclusion that life is too short to be anything other than happy and I will no longer tolerate anything less!

I HAVE AWAKENED FROM MY SLUMBER AND AM READY TO ACTUALLY LIVE!! I feel that as I have passed through this life, I have put feelings aside, put off pleasure, and work toward a hazy goal that doesn't really exist. My eyes are completely open now and I see that time has flown and I have missed out on so much. I want to feel intense emotion, I want to experience the rush of a 19 second barrel run (cuz my horse is slow on a big pattern), I want to love deeply and recklessly, I want passion and fire, I want the exquisite pain of failure and loss because I took the chance. I will laugh without reservation. I will cry without shame. I will hold my friends close and love them with all I have. I will not have enemies.

I am finally here in the NOW and I am feeling once again. Are you ready for me? I hope so, cuz you are coming with me!

Pics of the New Years' Project - Mike(aka Cooker Bitch) and Matt built a deck from the hot tub to the steps outside out bedroom. You can see just how much Matt actually "helped". Also, the picture where Mike is using the saw - you can see just how tall Matt is. (Here's a hint - Mike is 6 ft)


Nikker said...

You aren't having a mid-life crisis...New Year is for reflecting and adjusting things that are out of whack! IMHO. Good Luck with all your goals, you can do it!! (o:

Love Mikes hat!

Happy New Year to you and your herd!!!

verylargecolt said...

Who the hell called YOU doughy? You're totally cute and look great.

You need to remember it's totally ok to boot people right the fuck out of your life if they make you feel bad about yourself. This may be the best lesson I have ever learned in life - the IGNORE button is on your phone for a REASON. Surround yourself with positive people!