Friday, December 3, 2010

Things that make you say GRRRR!!!

I ordered some alfalfa on Tuesday. "Bring me two ton."

Yesterday, I got a confirmation call saying "We'll be there at 10 am. Will that work for you?" "Of course!" I say.

This morning, I got up, fed horses, cleaned stalls, pretty much puttered around. I came in for breakfast and another cup of coffee. I went back out, moved some hay around and found one bale of alfalfa, and three bales of alfalfa /grass mix that I didn't remember having. It didn't matter anyway, because the stack was on top of it.

So I tossed the kids some alfalfa as a mid-morning snack and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, I went to the house and it was now 11:15 am. So I called. "Um, I was told yesterday that you'd be delivering my hay at 10:00 am and it's now 11:15. Are you coming? I'm sort of waiting." The gal says "Let me call and see where they are and I'll call you right back."

She called back, "They're in Benton City. They'll be 45 minutes to an hour."

At 12:30 they FINALLY show up. The hay is wet from road spray and rain. AND... (get this) It's the WRONG FRICKIN' (*(*^ &^$%$^% ^*&( HAY!!! They brought me GRASS hay!! W! T! F! Really?

It was pretty hay, but I would have refused it because it was wet. Not putting wet hay in the barn. BUT - I ORDERED ALFALFA!!!

So off the guy went and I came in and called the office. I said, "1) They brought the wrong hay. They're on the way back to get the right hay. 2) If they don't tarp it, I'm going to refuse it. I won't take wet hay. 3) Adjust the invoice to take the pallet deposit off. I'm going to re-stack the bales and send the pallets back with the driver. I figure since I've waited two and half hours, he can wait while I re-stack it.

So I'm still waiting. I figure it's going to be 1:30 before he returns. Hopefully this time, it'll be tarped alfalfa. If not, it's going back and I'll call someone else.

Thanks for reading my vent and please ignore the smoke coming out of my ears!


mrscravitz said...

You can vent all you want to....Waiting to hear the outcome though....LOL I wished I could get hay delivered! AND STACKED! LOL

Karen V said...

Finally got it delivered and in the barn by 3:00 pm.

Not sure if Middleton Farms delivers to Hermiston or not - they might have a minimum amount ordered. (Say like 5 ton) Also, they charge $1.50 per bale to stack. TOTALLY worth the money to my old bones.

Now, with Basin Sod (who I got this load from) there is sales tax included (though Oregon residents wouldn't be charged) and Delivery is included in the price. They do have a pallet charge (1 per each 10 bales) unless you want to off-load the hay to your stack (which is what we did) but there again, YOU are stacking the hay. BUT the forlifty-thingy can raise the pallets so you can just slide the bales into place.

Between Middleton and Basin Sod (with pallets) - there was two dollars difference. For that amount, it would have been worth it to me to have Middleton deliver it.