Friday, November 5, 2010

It's a Thoroughbred thing...apparently!

All summer, the Thoroughbreds were hog fat and in great condition! (Kaci, Texas Chili, and Lucy) They were on full-time pasture, supplemented with grain and grass hay. They looked great!


Now, they locked off the pasture and on grass hay full time. While of good weight, their top-lines have gone to hell, and they are growing pot bellies. I couldn't figure it out! The other horses look great! Fat and Fuzzy!

I talked to Leslie with The Exceller Fund and a light came on.

THOROUGHBREDS NEED ALFALFA! (At least, they need the protein that alfalfa provides)

WHO KNEW!! Apparently every thoroughbred owner out there!

So I'm going to put in some alfalfa and feed the TBs differently than the air-puff QHs and the appy. UGH! Nothing like walking around looking like an idiot!

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Jenn said...

Live and learn. They'll bounce back, yes? And now you know.