Sunday, September 19, 2010

RAIN?!? We don't get RAIN here!!

Well, apparently this weekend, we're getting rain. We were awakened by thunderstorms Friday morning at 2 am. We got a little over-night Saturday, then woke to rain this morning.

Now... someone explain to me just how THIS happened?

Angel and Mya were goofing around and I found this. The sprinkler is intact. There aren't a lot of skid marks, though there are some hoof prints on the wrong side of the fence. Angel has a bruise the size of my palm on the point of her shoulder with a piece of skin the size of a quarter missing. On the front of her stifle, there's some hair missing, but not a lot of swelling. Not a mark on Mya. I can't figure it out... guess I get to replace the post today.

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