Sunday, September 19, 2010


My friend Mindy came over to help me do some chores and replace the post that Angel broke yesterday (be sure to keep reading after this post...I put up pics). Before we got started, I turned Mya and Lucy out together to see if they'd get along ok. There was a lot of squealing on Mya's part, but for the most part, they got along fine.

While Mindy and I were digging up the post, I heard squealing and then the zipping sound of the fence being torn down. I looked up toward the back fence and saw where Lucy and Mya had been nosing the TB mare across the fence. Apparently, Mya had struck out and got her leg through one of the tapes of the fence. She is very respectful of the electric fence, and even though it was off, she reacted as if it were on.

The tape was still around her leg as she galloped off toward the barn. I had closed the gate, locking them out on pasture so I could clean the barn without the horses bugging me or getting in the way. Mya tried to stop, slid, then jumped into the gate. This probably saved her from breaking her neck, but it totally ruined the gate. Once again, I dodged the "vet bullet". There was only a little hair missing on the outside of one leg.

Mindy, checking out the damage. Yup... it's a total loss.

You can see the downed tape still laying in the pasture. We had to fix that too...

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