Friday, August 27, 2010

Heard in the Pasture....

Jazzy: What?
Kaci (in a British accent): Come my pet. Let us move.

Bullwinkle: WHAAAT is THAT?
Angel: It's a grass cutter.
Bullwinkle: What's it doing to mom?
Angel: Nothing. Mom's riding it.
Bullwinkle: Are you sure? It looks like it's eating her or something.
Everyone snickers
Angel: Yes. She's fine.

Texas Chili (with a Texas accent, of course): C'mon sweet thang. Let's mosey on over here.
Lucy: Hmmm

Jazzy: Yooo hooo Soonnnyyyy.
Sonny (in a sexy Italian accent): Yes my precious?
Jazzy: Wanna sniff my nose?
Kaci: I say! Come back here!
Sonny: ooooh yes, mi amore. Let me snuffle you.
Jazzy squeals and squats
Kaci: Old chap. Do you mind? The lady is spoken for.
Sonny: So you say.
Shyanna: Jazzy, you're a slut.
Jazzy: So?

Texas Chili to Lucy: I'll have you know my pet, you are my only love.
Lucy: Whatever. You're eating my grass.
Texas Chili: I beg your pardon. Here, take mine.
Lucy: Whatever.

Bullwinkle: OH NO!! IT'S COMING TO GET ME!!
Angel: Just move out of the way.
Bullwinkle: MOVE? I need to run! It's gonna get me.
Angel: No it's not. Mom cutting the long grass.
Bullwinkle: Are you sure?
Angel: Yes. Look. In front it's long, and in back it's short.
Bullwinkle: Why is she doing that?
Angel: Because you aren't eating it.
Bullwinkle: Eww! No! I pooped there.
Angel: So what's the problem?
Bullwinkle: I'm going to the barn. It keeps trying to get me.

Jazzy: Oh Sonny. You're so cute.
Kaci: Madam, I simply can not tolerate this behavior.
Sonny: My love, you are exquisite.
Kaci: I say, old chap. Bugger off!
Shyanna: Give it up, mate. She's ignoring you.
Jazzy: Well, all the boys DO love me.
Shyanna: That's cuz yer a brazen hussy.
Jazzy: Giggles...

Bullwinkle: Angel! Look out!
Angel: I'm fine. See? I step out of the way and she goes right by.
Bullwinkle: Oh my gosh!!! oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!
All snicker...
Angel: You're such a scary cat!
Bullwinkle: I am not. What's a cat?
Angel: That little fuzzy animal that catches mice in the barn.
Bullwinkle: What's a mice?
Angel: Those tiny fuzzy animals that eat your grain.
Bullwinkle: Oh. Are you sure mom is ok?
Angel: Yes. She's just riding the thing, just like she does us.
Bullwinkle: She doesn't ride me.
Angel: She will.
Bullwinkle: Nuh uh...
All snicker...

Texas Chili: I love you.
Lucy: Whatever.

Jazzy: Woo hoo... Sonny... I'm standing here and junk...
Sonny: Why yes you are..
Kaci: Sir! Please leave her alone.
Shyanna: Give it up old man..