Monday, August 23, 2010

Catching up...

We've moved back into the living room. It's amazing. I wish I could find the battery charger for the camera so I could take pictures.

HOWEVER... the dust from the carpet that we pulled up went EVERYWHERE! Add that dust to the paint dust, and you guessed it... we've been cleaning everything and just when we think we're done, we get to start over.

Learn from my fail - close all the bedroom doors and turn off the AC BEFORE you pull up the carpet!

I still haven't been able to ride Sonny. Or Angel. Or any of the horses. First it was too hot. Then when it cooled down, I caught up on cleaning the barn and stalls. Then I was too tired. Excuses I know, but I don't have anyone to ride with yet. My friend Mindy moved back on Sunday, so once she's settled in, I'll have a riding buddy. Quirky neighbor??? Um... NO! It's a long story that doesn't bear repeating. But it was the final straw. I'm still civil, but not interested in anything more than the occasional chit-chat. 'nuf said.

I've got a BUNCH of horses here. Lucy, Chili, Bullwinkle, Angel, Shyanna, Sonny, Jazzy, and Kaci. Millie is in training and will come home Sept 15. Foxy will come to retire as soon as she gets a ride. And, there may be another horse coming to stay. Shyanna will go home to live with her mom, Mindy. I may do a lease deal with her and have her take Sonny too. He's just sitting here getting fatter, and he and Shyanna are buddied up. We'll see. I gotta figure out where to put everyone for the winter. UGH! I need more property...

So for now, we are trying finish up projects and get ready for winter. I know it's only August, but there is a chill in the air and it feels like fall already! Either that or I got acclimated to the 104 degree weather we were having.

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