Sunday, September 22, 2013


Looks nasty!  The inner sutures have dissolved and the wound is coming open on the outside.
This is a rub mark on the backside of the knee, superficial but weepy.
 Preparing to add T-Zone Wound Cream
 See the tape top and bottom?  That is Elasticon.  It's super sticky, pulls hair, and leaves adhesive behind.  These two wraps are my "anchors".

 Non-stick pad in front.
 Wrap once to hold in place
 Add another non-stick pad in back
 Wrap with cast padding.  See how I come underneath?  That helps support.
 If I had one more arm...
 Vet wrap
 Again, come underneath to support from below.

 Elasticon again...attaching to the top anchor.
 And again on the bottom anchor.
 I re-appropriated Angel's leg wraps to provide support.

 This is cotton leg wrap.

 Rolled gauze to add rigidity.

 Ace bandage.
 Final layer, polo wrap.

So... over-kill?  No, I need to make it tight and rigid to discourage least until the vet can come over to check and possibly re-suture where it is opening up.  This is removed every morning for 30 minutes to air out and let him get his "leg squeezer" off.


WishIHadAHorsey said...

Poor baby :(. I hope this continues to heal.

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Whoa that's quite the cut and the wrap to match!

Nikker said...

That's quite a wrapping job. I am going to try and remember your "anchor" wraps, they are pure genius!
Wrapping where they bend is so difficult!
I think his wound looks really good!!