Friday, August 30, 2013

Texas Chili - aka Dr. Destructo - GRAPHIC PICTURES!

If Chili isn't tearing up something in the barn, he is tearing himself up.  It appears that he tripped and slid on his knees, not unlike Tom Cruise is that movie.  Unlike Tom... Chili didn't slide very well.  $878 later, he is stitched and wrapped.  He is on bute for the next ten days and will not only have to endure daily unwrap, drugs, cold hosing and icing, but separation from his best girl Piper.  So far, they aren't screaming for each other and Chili is pretty calm.

He is walking fine, bending, - not so much.

The bad news is that it is on the knee.  The better news is the way it tore the way it did and that it bled heavily... which means it has good blood supply.  The Great news is that this will heal.  It may be difficult and there will definitely be setbacks, but it WILL heal.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Shannon P for being here and helping!

If you are interested in helping The Exceller Fund with Texas Chili's care, you can donate here.

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Nikker said...

Wow, he really did a job didn't he?!
He looks so innocent in the last picture... Fingers crossed for a quick and uneventful recovery for him!!