Sunday, December 23, 2012


We wanted to see how safe Cappy would be under saddle.  A lot of times these oldsters make great lead-line horses for beginners and tiny kids.  The expectation was that we get a sweet old guy that  would plod along, minding his charge whether be young or old, and be the horse to follow, rather than lead.

What appeared under saddle is a LOT more horse than we expected.  Appearing in the videos below is "A" and her mom "P".  They have shown horses for years switching to barrel racing.  They are knowledgeable and experienced, and I trust their judgement.  We all believe Cappy can (and wants to) go back to light work.



GreyDrakkon said...

It doesn't surprise me at all that he's a peppy guy under saddle with the way he prances around. He knows he's hot stuff. ;) I have to say, I winced at the mention of a tie-down. He's obviously excited, and hasn't had a chance to figure out how his rider wants him to move, and even just by the end of the videos his head has relaxed quite a bit, but I'm sure you saw that as well. I can't believe how well he's filled out in the time you've had him! His tail still kills me though. ;D So cute flagging it in pride.

mrscravitz said...

What a wonderful guy, this Cappy is! As I watched the video's it struck me, that he reminds me so much of my Poncho! Same build. Same head shape. Same coloring....and even the same mannerisms. AND Poncho WAS a cow horse. If I had the room, I would really think about taking this guy! Beautiful! JUST Beautiful!