Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Wonderland

For the last week, we have been under an inversion and have dealt with fog to about noon each day. Yesterday, it stuck around all day and the high temperature didn't reach 27 degrees. It's beautiful, but COLD.

The picture below circles evidence that Cathy's Pretty Pony has become a Pretty Beaver. Kali says it was Bullwinkle but the evidence is on Ticket's side. Besides, in the dark, she can't see anything but a dark shape...

The two pictures below were taken on the back porch.

Jasper and Kizzi playing. Kizzi is closest to the camera and the lighter of the two. She is not quite 6 months old. Jasper will be three years old in April. Kizzi is going to be a big honkin' monster!

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Nikker said...

Brrr...same temps as we're getting here, but we are without the moisture. Thank God! The wet makes is colder if you ask me!