Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty Pretty Ponies


Nikker said...

They all look great! And so does your green grass! Oh, so jealous! (0:

Karen V said...

The key to the pasture is to aerate (plug it), fertilize, and over-seed every year in the fall, six weeks before the irrigation is turned off (Sept 1st). I also mow at least once a month to knock down the high spots and we spray Weed and Feed.

We also utilize our "seed guy" who tells us how much and when to water based on our soil. He actually dug a hole in the middle of the pasture, looked at the root depth, then gave us our marching orders.

Your pasture will come, it just takes time. We rototilled our pasture the first fall we were here and re-seeded it. It takes time and care, but the benefits are totally worth it!